Light Your World For God Part 3


Have you ever wondered why many churches have little interest in witnessing? Have you ever asked, “Is there something our church can do to make a difference for the King­dom of God in our community? How can we have a real breakthrough in outreach?”

This course provides the answers to those and many other questions by providing you with instructional and inspirational material on the following:

    • How to organize and implement the highly effective and popular Soup and Salvation Bible study program
    • Starting a Prayer Ministry
    • Starting a Visitation Ministry
    • Starting a Literature Evangelism Ministry
    • Starting an in-home Bible Study program
    • How to effectively deal with objections raised during Bible study
    • The four (4) steps people take in making decisions and how to guide your Bible interests through those steps
    • Learn how to reap a harvest from your Bible study work and ministry
    • The F-F-F principle to effectively answer objections
    • The three simple principles, ABC’s, of successful Bible work
    • Learn practical steps to build and maintain audiences for evangelism/community outreach programs
    • Learn the seven (7) major decisions in Bible work, public evangelism, or community outreach/li>

“Better is the end of a thing than its beginning, and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit.”
(Ecclesiastes 7:8)

Join Pastor Mark and Teenie Finley for over eight (8) Hours of Powerful Teaching, Spiritual Insights and Practical Steps  in this Course!


PREREQUISITES— Light Your World For God Part 1 and Light Your World For God Part 2 must be completed before taking this course.

You have done an excellent job in completing the first two courses in the Light Your World For God series, we encourage you to take this course and finish the series on these effective biblical principles, which have worked, for over 30-years, for Pastor Mark and Teenie Finley around the world.

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 by Bettie T. B.

This lesson was very enlightening in many ways. It uplifted me spiritually as I went through the lessons. It has made me eager to witness to others by sharing God's word. The sermons, printed material and examples of how to approach students is so helpful. God Bless as you continue to work for Him.