Light Your World For God Part 1


Light Your World for God Part 1, is the first course in the Light Your World for God three(3) course series. In this series of courses (Light Your World for God Part 1, Light Your World for God Part 2, and Light Your World for God Part 3), we combine inspirational video and audio presentations from Pastor Mark Finley, with printable Question and Answer documents to teach you practical, field-tested, proven principles that will make a dramatic difference in your church and community. These proven principles are “Biblical Keys” to successful soul-winning that will revitalize your church.

Light Your World for God – Part 1 contains nine (9) lessons divided into two modules that teach and engage you to learn powerful biblical principles on Evangelism, Soul Winning, The Power of God’s Word, and The Power of the Holy Spirit. You will learn the “Five Keys To Successful Evangelism.” They are Biblical, Christ-centered principles, which testify to their explosive power by producing growing churches. Each key, (1)Revival, (2)Equipping, (3)Outreach, (4)Reaping and (5)Nurturing, is presented in its own lesson.

This may be the most important information on witnessing you will ever read and study. At the conclusion of the three courses in the Light Your World for God, series, you will discover how to:

  • Lead your church into a spirit-filled revival
  • Organize and sustain powerful intercessory prayer groups
  • Equip and train each member to use his/her spiritual gifts in service
  • Develop an ongoing, effective Bible study ministry outreach
  • Foster weekly witnessing activities
  • Reap the greatest results from public evangelistic meetings
  • Nurture new believers to become solid members of the body of Christ

Join Pastor Mark and Teenie Finley for over five (5) Hours of Powerful, Spiritual Insights in This Course!

We encourage you to enroll in the other two courses in the series, Light Your World for God Part 2, and Light Your World for God Part 3.  When taken together, these three courses teach you biblical principles, which have worked for us around the world. They will work for you too, as you lead your church into this carefully designed, biblically-based evangelistic process. God promises you an abundant harvest. Put them into practice and watch what God will do.

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 by Philip S.

When I started this program. I was looking to learn more about God's word in the Bible. Pastor Mark is an excellent, excellent Bible teacher, I'm very fond of the way he delivers the material… I felt like my mind was an empty vessel needing to be filled with God's word and as I take this course that is being fulfilled.!
I couldn't be more pleased.