5 Steps to Becoming a Highly Effective Lay Preacher – Step 3

Learn how to prepare a sermon and the list of recommended resources to use.

– Taught by Pastor Mark Finley

What Will I Learn?

  • Ten (10) simple steps to preparing a highly effective biblical sermon
  • The biblical sequence for highly effective biblical preaching used by the apostles
  • A list of recommended resources to use when preparing a sermon
  • Four (4) key questions to ask yourself after completing your sermon manuscript
  • How to summarize a sermon into the main point(s) that your audience will always remember
  • The meaning of the phrase “seeing with a pencil” as it relates to sermon preparation
  • Which one of the four Gospels has more to say about the prayer life of Jesus that the other three
  • More lessons from biblical examples of Jesus’ preaching and teaching

This course will enable pastors, teachers, and church leaders to understand the importance and power of preaching, to develop an awareness of true biblical preaching, and to receive practical guidance for preparing dynamic biblical sermons.

“All biblical preaching is predicated on the idea that God gave to the preacher a message. That message is so filling your soul that you have to tell it.”
Pastor Mark Finley

The lesson includes the notes from Pastor Mark Finley’s presentation, which are available for you to read online and also to download.

NOTE: To complete this course you will be required to take a brief, computer-graded, quiz to test your understanding of the material presented by Pastor Mark Finley. A score of 70% or higher is required to pass and receive your digital certificate of completion.

*** Enroll in all five courses (Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, Step 4 and Step 5) in the 5 Steps to Becoming a Highly Effective Lay Preacher series and become a dynamic and highly effective lay preacher.

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Mark Finley, Pastor and International Televangelist, serves as Assistant to the President of the General Conference, appointed at the 2010 General Conference Session in Atlanta. Prior to this, he became a vice president at the 2005 General Conference Session in St. Louis, after serving nearly two years as general field secretary at the world headquarters, directing the Center for Global Evangelism. As assistant to the president, he continues to work with evangelism and television as his primary portfolio.

Evangelism is where he made his mark on the world, presenting more than 200 evangelistic campaigns around the globe in about 100 countries with the resulting baptisms numbering in the thousands. His best-known association is as a television speaker for the series Experience Hope a weekly broadcast of the Hope Channel; for 20 years as speaker for the It Is Written telecast; and he became a pioneer of satellite evangelism technology when he launched the first NET evangelism satellite series broadcast in North America in1995, and again in 1996, 2000 and 2008. He has preached more than 20 NET series broadcasts throughout the world with millions in attendance.


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Wonderful information. Valuable resources. This is priceless for a lay person.