Complete the six (6) Fulfilling God’s End-Time Mission: Prophetic Preaching, Teaching, and Evangelism online courses by Dr. Mark Finley and Dr. Chris Holland with the lowest amount of attempts per assessment, provide responses with the highest accuracy, and score 90% or higher on the assessment in each of the lessons. These comprehensive courses particularly emphasize the urgency of our times and the need to preach and teach prophecy in our evangelistic meetings and seminars. From the topics covered in these courses you will :

            1. Understand Why Prophetic Preaching and Teaching
              • Learn eight (8) powerful reasons for prophetic and evangelistic outreach and witnessing
              • Discover God’s primary means of saving lost people
              • Learn how to unify a church through prophetic preaching and teaching
              • Read more…
            2. Learn how to Preach Powerful Prophetic Sermons
              • Learn 3 key points in prophetic preaching, teaching, and evangelism
              • Learn seven (7) key principles to help you preach/teach/unfold the Three Angels’ Messages
              • Learn five (5) things to concentrate on in your preaching
              • Read more…
            3. Learn how to Preach Sermons that Get Decisions PLUS Evangelistic Visitation as a Key to Success
              • Learn four (4) major challenges to people making decisions in prophetic preaching, teaching, and evangelism
              • Learn seven (7) major decisions to clear your prospects/Bible interest on during your evangelistic series
              • Learn how to adapt your visitation program to achieve its goals during the COVID-19 pandemic
              • Read more…
            4. Get FREE Resources for Prophetic Preaching, Teaching, and Evangelism
              • Discover how you can get FREE resources (over 160 sermons, and much more) from the Ministerial
              • Department of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
              • Get eight (8) complete, READY-TO-PREACH evangelistic sermon series with Microsoft PowerPoint slides
              • Read more…
            5. Learn Practical Steps to Building an Audience for Preaching, Teaching, and Evangelism
              • Learn a proven formula for successful preaching, teaching, and evangelism
              • Learn seven (7) goals for pre-campaign preparation
              • Learn twelve (12) practical and proven steps to building an audience for preaching, teaching, and evangelism
              • Read more…
            6. Learn how to Make Appeals
              • Learn the reasons for making appeals and key points when making them
              • Learn the ABCs of decisions
              • Learn nine (9) calls for successful appeals and how to make them
              • Read more…

If you are a pastor, present your Fulfilling God’s End-Time Mission – Digital Certification Badge from HopeLives365 Online University to your local conference administration/ministerial secretary as evidence that you have completed six (6) hours of continuing education training. If you are a local elder or lay leader, present your digital certification badge to your local church pastor and/or church board and share with them your readiness to volunteer to assist your local church in its evangelism and prophecy programs.

Your Fulfilling God’s End-Time Mission – Digital Certification Badge gives you permission to do the following:

  • Use any of the material/resources obtained during the lessons or resources from websites referenced in the lessons, including Microsoft PowerPoint Slides, in the preparation and delivery of your presentations.

But as we have been approved by God to be entrusted with the gospel, even so we speak, not as pleasing men, but God who tests our hearts. (1 Thessalonians 2:4 [NKJV])

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