Why prophetic preaching and teaching?
By Mark Finley

Learn eight (8) reasons why prophetic preaching, teaching, and evangelism are vital to Fulfilling God’s End-Time Mission. Discover how pastors and lay leaders use evangelism to motivate, unite, and grow their churches.

– Taught by Pastor Mark Finley

The New Testament presents eight (8) powerful reasons for prophetic and evangelistic outreach, preaching, teaching, and witnessing. As you understand these basic scriptural principles, it will make a dramatic difference in your ministry. This is the first course in the series of six (6) courses on Prophetic Preaching and Teaching – Fulfilling God’s End-Time Mission developed from the live-training sessions presented, by Dr. Mark Finley and Dr. Chris Holland, to over 400 pastors and lay leaders from the Caribbean Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

“God has ordained preaching or faith sharing and teaching as His means of saving lost humanity.”
(Dr. Mark Finley)

In this course you will:

  • Learn eight (8) powerful reasons for prophetic and evangelistic outreach and witnessing
  • Discover God’s primary means of saving lost people
  • Understand God’s purpose in coming to earth
  • Learn how preaching and teaching of the gospel and the prophetic word provide the greatest opportunity to:
    • Understand God’s character
    • Know God’s love and
    • Respond to God’s grace.
  • Learn the dangers a lack of outreach pose to a Christian’s spiritual life and that of a church
  • Discover what sin, pride, and Lucifer have in common
  • Learn how to unify a church through prophetic preaching and teaching
  • Discover the characteristics of those living through end-time events
  • Learn the reason for God using evangelism to finish His work
  • Receive a downloadable copy (PDF file) of the lesson handout
  • Get a downloadable audio file of the Q&A section of the session

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