Debunking COVID-19 Vaccine Myths-Part 2
By Dr. David DeRose and Dr. Eric Walsh

Get medical and scientific facts, broken-down and clearly explained, about five (5) additional myths related to the COVID-19 vaccines from two Seventh-day Adventist physicians, one of whom is also an associate pastor.

– Taught by Dr. David DeRose and Dr. Eric Walsh

Many countries and communities across the globe have begun lifting most of their COVID-19 pandemic’s capacity restrictions at offices, museums, restaurants, stores, and places of worship. Here in the United States, there is new guidance for vaccinated people that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced on May 13, 2021, “resume activities without wearing masks or physically distancing.” The United States will send 20 million COVID-19 vaccine doses to countries in need after the World Health Organization director-general called on rich nations to do more to help those still struggling with the coronavirus.

Getting a COVID-19 vaccine is a personal choice.

To support you as you make your decision, HopeLives365 Online University thought it important to put this healthful information in your hands via this online course titled, Debunking Covid-19 Vaccine Myths-Part 2.

In this course:

Dr. David DeRose, MD, MPH, and a Seventh-day Adventist member, with Dr. Eric Walsh, MD, MPH, and an associate pastor in the Seventh-day Adventist Church debunk the following five (5) Covid-19 vaccine myths:

  1. These COVID-19 vaccines are unnecessary.
  2. The mRNA vaccines are not effective.
  3. People are dying in droves from COVID-19’s mRNA vaccines.
  4. The vaccines are experimental.
  5. The “Tuskegee experiment,” conducted in 1932 on African Americans by county health department and government doctors in the United States of America, proves that we can’t trust the mRNA vaccines.

To appreciate this course in its intended full context, please take it in conjunction with Dr. DeRose’s other online courses related to this topic, “Moving Beyond Immune Enhancement and Debunking COVID-19 Vaccine Myths-Part 1.

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About the instructors

David DeRose, MD, MPH is a board-certified specialist in Internal Medicine and Preventive Medicine with a Master in Public Health degree emphasizing Health Promotion and Health Education. In addition to his active clinical work, DeRose is a syndicated radio host, popular lecturer, and published medical researcher.

The principles presented by Dr. David DeRose in these exciting online courses are based on the material contained in 30 Days to Natural Blood Pressure Control by Dr. David DeRose, Dr. Greg Steinke, and Nurse Practitioner Trudie Li – an Amazon bestseller.

Dr. Eric Walsh’s, MD, MPH, list of accomplishments is long and diverse. Holding both a medical degree and a Doctorate in Public Health (Dr.P.H.), Walsh was appointed to President Obama’s Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDs. As Director of Pasadena’s Public Health Department, Dr. Walsh secured millions of dollars in grants to start an innovative, low-cost dental clinic for HIV-positive patients, low-income adults, and senior citizens, a food bank for HIV-positive individuals, and other programs.

Walsh also served as an associate pastor in the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

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