Creator of All-Part 5: Value


In Creator of All-Part 5 (Value) by Dr. Sandy Doran, students will:

  • Know that the first angel’s message of Revelation 14 tells us to worship God on the seventh day because He made the world in six days;
  • Be motivated to share the good news of God’s creative power with their world;
  • Understand that many of God’s creatures are disappearing from the planet and as Christians, we should be stewards of the earth;
  • Learn fascinating details about a creature with an unusual feature making it important to both nature and humanity;
  • Have an opportunity to give their hearts to Jesus as the course series concludes;
  • Complete a drawing of a valuable creature by following a step-by-step instructional video from Dr. Sandy;
  • Color and shade two pictures of different types of crabs;
  • Complete a drawing of a channeled whelk by following a step-by-step instructional video from Dr. Sandy.

This course is recommended for Grades 1-4 (Ages 6-10)

About the instructor...

Sandra Doran, Ed.D. has enjoyed working as an educator and writer within the Seventh-day Adventist Church and the larger community for more than thirty years. She is the author of seven books, hundreds of articles, and served as a columnist for the Adventist Review, Signs of the Times, and ParentTalk magazines.

Within the educational arena, she has taught on every level from pre-school through college, held top administrative roles in four schools, and worked as Associate Superintendent of Education for the Florida Conference for 15 years. Most recently, she served as founding head of North Tampa Christian Academy, creating an innovative environment for project-based learning.

Dr. Doran holds a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Atlantic Union College, a master’s degree in religion and communication from Andrews University, and a doctorate in special education from Boston University. She currently serves as Curriculum and Creative Director of Three Angels for Kids.

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