Components of Balanced Literacy With Strategies for Pathways 2.0-Part A
By Dr. Sandra Doran

Learn how to effectively teach all parts of Reading Workshop included in a balanced literacy program, including guided reading, literacy rotations, and whole group instruction. Gain access to an array of valuable resources to immediately download for use in planning and teaching. Earn one (1) CEU.

-Taught by Dr. Sandy Doran

How do you teach a child to read? Many educators find this to be the most daunting charge of a teacher’s marching orders. In the early grades, you are commissioned with the task of taking a young child from ground zero to fluent decoding and accurate comprehension. In the middle and upper grades, you are tasked with teaching a range of readers, from struggling to proficient, to progress in their ability to navigate text. How do you provide quality whole group instruction as well as individualized instruction for students on all ends of the continuum? The Reading Workshop component of a highly effective balanced literacy program includes the elements that equip teachers to do just that.

In this course, teachers will:

  • Learn how to create their own assessment kit using benchmark books and passages from Reading
  • Understand how to use running records to assess students for small group instruction
  • Learn five (5) steps for delivering small group instruction
  • Watch over ninety (90) minutes of instructional video content
  • Discover how to create small groups for guided reading lessons
  • Learn the do’s and don’ts for setting up effective literacy rotations
  • Devise new methods for teaching comprehension skills
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the *Pathways 2.0 program and how the varied parts fit into the whole
  • Receive a personalized electronic Certificate of Completion upon completion of all of the lessons and their assignments
  • Be awarded one (1) full Continuing Education Unit (CEU) upon completion of all of the lessons and their assignments
  • Engage with your peers in a forum on The Components of Balanced Literacy – share what you have learned while learning from others
  • Gain immediate access to seven downloadable documents for use in planning and teaching reading:
    • Levelling Readers
      • Running Record Assessment Tips
      • Running Record Student Portfolio
    • Guided Reading and Literacy Rotations
      • Diagnostic-Prescriptive Teaching of Reading
      • Guided Reading Group Lesson Plan Template
      • Sample of Student Word Work Contract
    • Theme Books
      • Grade 6 long-range plan
      • Sample of comprehension strategies in Pathways 2.0

To build on the knowledge and resources you have gained thus far in Balanced Literacy and Pathways 2.0, it is recommended that you complete the companion course – Components of Balanced Literacy With Strategies for Pathways 2.0-Part B by Dr. Sandra Doran.

About the instructor...

Sandra Doran, Ed.D. has enjoyed working as an educator and writer within the Seventh-day Adventist Church and the larger community for more than thirty years. She is the author of seven books, hundreds of articles, and served as a columnist for the Adventist Review, Signs of the Times, and ParentTalk magazines.


Within the educational arena, she has taught on every level from pre-school through college, held top administrative roles in four schools, and worked as Associate Superintendent of Education for the Florida Conference for 15 years. Most recently, she served as founding head of North Tampa Christian Academy, creating an innovative environment for project-based learning.

Dr. Doran holds a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Atlantic Union College, a master’s degree in religion and communication from Andrews University, and a doctorate in special education from Boston University. She currently serves as Curriculum and Creative Director of Three Angels for Kids.

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