Fulfilling God's End-Time Mission: Prophetic Preaching, Teaching, and Evangelism

Prophetic preaching, teaching, and evangelism is heaven’s top priority. There is nothing more important to God than saving lost mankind.

The urgency of our times demands that we preach and teach prophecy in our evangelistic meetings and seminars. There is no better time to be an Adventist preacher, lay pastor, or teacher. In a world seeking for answers, God has called men and women to give His final appeal to a dying world. The greatest joy and privilege in life is to participate with Christ in the closing work. The greatest satisfaction is to see men, women, boys, and girls saved for eternity. One of our delights in heaven will be to meet people who made eternal decisions for Christ and His Kingdom because, they came to our evangelistic meetings, heard our preaching and teaching, we visited them in their homes or held ZOOM meetings with them, or we sent them sermons via WhatsApp.

As you carefully study the lessons in this six-course series, Fulfilling God’s End-Time Mission: Prophetic Preaching, Teaching, and Evangelism by Dr. Mark Finley and Dr. Chris Holland, you will discover basic Bible principles that guarantee success in evangelistic outreach. In these six (6) courses you will:

– Understand Why Prophetic Preaching and Teaching.
– Learn how to Preach Powerful Prophetic Sermons.
– Learn how to Preach Sermons that Get Decisions PLUS Evangelistic Visitation as a Key to Success.
– Get FREE Resources for Prophetic Preaching, Teaching, and Evangelism.
– Learn Practical Steps to Building an Audience for Preaching, Teaching, and Evangelism.
– Learn how to Make Appeals.

At the conclusion of the six-courses, you will receive a digital certificate of completion. You may also be eligible to receive a digital badge certificate – read more.

6 Courses