Northern Conference of South Africa (NCSA) and HopeLives365 Online University Announce Partnership to Provide Online, Measurable, and Accountable Learning for NCSA’s Pastors, Lay Leaders, and Church Members

February 7, 2022 – The Northern Conference of Seventh-day Adventists in South Africa (NCSA), a subsidiary church administrative unit of the Southern Africa Union Conference, which forms part of the Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division of Seventh-day Adventists announced a partnership with HopeLives365 Online University (HL365OU), a leading provider of online inspirational courses for Seventh-day Adventist pastors, lay leaders, teachers, and church members around the world.

NCSA’s has identified three (3) core strategic areas for 2020 – 2022

  • Mission: Missional Movement
  • Education: Educational Excellence
  • Digitization: Digital Delivery

The partnership with HL365OU allows NCSA to satisfy several of its needs in the implementation of its core strategic areas for 2020-2022, especially around online, measurable, and accountable learning for their pastors, lay leaders, and church members.

“At our last Business Session, the leadership of our Conference was mandated to develop a strategic plan, which focused on Mission, Education, and Digitalization. We determined that HL365OU’s materials enabled us to begin, almost immediately, with online training in the areas of Preaching, Giving Bible Studies and Effective Leadership, as well as envisioning the Church in the 21st Century,” explained Shandrell Penniken, Personal Ministries Director of NCSA.

“An added benefit of our partnership with HL365OU, is the fact that we will also be able to immediately access online training in the Afrikaans language, which makes up a significant part of the demographic of our Conference,” added Pastor Jaco Jordaan, Communications Director of NCSA.

“We are convinced that HL365OU’s online learning platform, will give great impetus, within our region, to achieving our three-fold strategic goals, and ensuring a properly trained and motivated local church leadership,” said Elder Glenn Smithwick, Evangelist from NCSA.

Mark Finley of the HL365OU leadership team expressed the sentiments of the HL365OU team, “We are overjoyed, just thrilled that the Northern Conference of South Africa is now participating with our HopeLives365 Online University. For 2022, NCSA is very focused on mission, education, and digitization. As we join together in this partnership to see mission accomplished, our courses on leadership, preaching, Bible studies, and health will be a great blessing to the leadership, pastors, teachers, and lay leaders of NCSA. We look forward to this partnership and we know that God will bless it tremendously.”

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