Vinadyn Lino shares her story…

Vinadyn Lino

Psychology student

Country: Philippines

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I am a student in psychology and a Seventh-day Adventist from the Philippines.

How did you hear about HopeLives365 Online University?
I heard about the online university from HopeLives365 Youtube channel.

What specific factor(s) influenced your decision to enroll in our online courses?
I seek to know God more, to learn the Bible, and be His good servant.

How have you used the information you learned from your courses; either in your personal life, witnessing for Christ, ministry, or helping others?
My heart is full of hope and assurance now than I was before. I have joy despite challenges and I learned more and more as I study His words. With that, I am more confident when it comes to talking and encouraging my friends with His words and I like sending them some daily readings as I also desire that they will seek and love God more. Aside from that, I am an aloof person, but when I started learning and understanding more about God, I seek to serve Him. I am now starting to participate in church like offering a song.

Share an experience where you were able to use the information you received from your courses to witness to someone or to improve your ministry for Christ.
When I talk to friends who are struggling emotionally or mentally, I encourage them with the assurance that I’ve learned while studying the online courses– about hope, and His love, forgiveness, and kindness. I also send them some lessons for them to read and be reminded about the truth in the Bible and how to live a life that is centered on Christ.

If you could give only one reason, why would you suggest other students enroll in our online courses?
The online courses are full of truth and as you learn you are filled not just with knowledge, but joy. It helps you to become closer to God since the lessons will really enlighten you with the truth.

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