Milambo Mishack shares his story…

Milambo Mishack

Pathfinder Leader, Mkushi, Zambia

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I am Zambian in the town of Mkushi which is under the Copper Belt Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. I am an orphan and I had been looking and praying for the physical father’s presence in my life. Someone who would encourage me and who could be my mentor and direct me to spiritual truth. The Holy Spirit led me to Pastor Mark Finley and the folks at Team Hope who have come to fill the gap in my life.
I am involved in Youth Ministry in the SDA Church and have served as local church AY Leader and as District Pathfinder Director for two Years – both at the district and the local church level since 2017 & 2018. In 2020, I served as District Youth Secretary and as the Pathfinder Director at our local church.

How did you hear about HopeLives365 Online University?
While doing an extensive study of the word of God and research on the Internet, searching for truth, the Holy Spirit led me to HopeLives365 Online University. I had not heard of it before.

What specific factor(s) influenced your decision to enroll in our online courses?
I wanted to go to the school of theology and learn God’s word. But, due to circumstances beyond my control, I was unable to. When the Holy Spirit led me to discover Hopelives365 Online University and I clicked on the wonderful courses of Bible truth, many of them offered free of charge, I began to do the theological studies. The online courses I have done from Hopelives365 Online University have really helped me to be a better neighbor, sharpened my leadership skills, and helped me to better in ministry at my church.

How have you used the information you learned from your courses; either in your personal life, witnessing for Christ, ministry, or helping others?
One of the ways in which I use the information I have gotten from HopeLives365 Online University is to conduct Bible studies at my church. I mostly use the Microsoft PowerPoint slides I downloaded from the Search for Certainty online Bible study courses. People like my presentations because it makes a difference in helping them grasp the truth quickly as they see it displayed on the screen.

Share an experience where you were able to use the information you received from your courses to witness to someone or to improve your ministry for Christ.
Below are pictures, I have shared, of the group I conduct Bible studies with on behalf of my church. I used the information I got from my HopeLives365 Online University’s courses and testimony from my personal experiences in Christ.

If you could give only one reason, why would you suggest other students enroll in our online courses?
I would love to encourage all to get enrolled in HopeLives365 Online University’s courses. They have helped change my life to be a better neighbor, sharpened my leadership skills, and helped me become a good example to all. HopeLives365 Online University’s courses will also help you to discover God-given truth and His will for you.

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