What the Bible Says About – Part 1
By Mark Finley

Learn What the Bible Says About Itself, the Future, Signs of the End, Christ’s Return, and Eternal Life.

– Taught by Pastor Mark Finley

What the Bible Says About online course series presents the material from the book What the Bible Says About, by Mark Finley, in an interactive and engaging format. This powerful resource from Mark Finley is now available on-demand on your computers and mobile devices. What the Bible Says About – Part 1 is the first in a six-course series and provides answers directly from Scripture to questions related to the Bible as the sure Word of God, how God reveals the future of humanity in the Bible, what signs point to the end-of-time, the return of Christ, and eternal life.

If you have never studied the Bible before, you will be amazed at how clear and powerful it is. Even if you have opened its pages many times, you may still be surprised at how clearly the Bible speaks on these topics.

In this course, you will get answers to questions we all grapple with and many others, for example:

  • Is the Bible really God’s Word or is it merely a book written by men who were the product of their culture?
  • Is truth a matter of personal opinion?
  • What is the main purpose of studying the Bible?
  • Who can we trust to reveal the future?
  • Will the nations of Europe ever be united?
  • Was BREXIT predicted in the Bible?
  • What signs will occur in nature and the environment before the coming of Christ?
  • What can we expect to happen to the world’s financial and monetary systems?
  • What will the social and political conditions be like before Christ returns?
  • How should we react to all the signs of Christ’s return?
  • How will Christ return and how many people will see him?
  • How should we respond to those who tell us of a secret rapture?
  • We have been hearing for quite some time now that Christ will soon return, when should we begin to prepare for His return?
  • Do God’s people live through the coming Tribulation (Post-Trib) or are they raptured before the Tribulation (Pre-Trib)?
  • How universal is the problem of sin and death?
  • What is God’s solution to the sin problem?
  • Can I be saved if I am a good person?
  • Doesn’t the Bible teach that once you come to Jesus you can never lose your salvation – “once saved always saved”?

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