Unlocking Revelation’s Mysteries: The 7 Churches in Revelation
By Dr. Chris Holland

Dr. Holland takes you on a pictorial tour and study of the corresponding ancient text, the letters, written some 2000 years ago to the seven churches of Revelation. Discover how the condition of these sites reveal amazing principles that have relevance to modern-day Christians. Learn how to unlock the mysteries of the book of Revelation.

– Taught by Dr. Chris Holland

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Join Pastor Chris Holland in these live-training courses as he explores the seven literal churches, Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, and Laodicea, mentioned in the book of Revelation. This eight-course series is titled Unlocking Revelation’s Mysteries and contains over 8-hours of instructional videos.

As Pastor Holland explores the churches in the book of Revelation,

You will:

  • Review the archaeological, biblical and current applications of the book of Revelation
  • Get a pictorial tour of the ancient site from Pastor Holland’s visits to the locations (modern-day Turkey) of the seven churches mentioned in Revelation
  • Understand why Christ spoke to the churches in the letters written by the Apostle John
  • Learn the location of the churches on a modern-day map of Turkey
  • Understand the relevance of the seven churches to modern-day Christians
  • Discover the Holy Spirit’s deeply personal message for each and every one of us today from Christ’s message to each of the seven churches in the book of Revelation
  • Expand your understanding of the seven churches from Dr. Holland’s answers to the questions asked by attendees of the live-training sessions.

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About the instructor

Dr. Chris Holland is the Associate Director for the Living Hope School of Evangelism and World Evangelist for Adventist World Radio. He is also one of the instructors for the HopeLives365 Online University. He previously served as Speaker/Director for It Is Written Canada. Prior to that, he served at the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists as the Secretary/Treasurer of ASI.

In his 18 years of ministry, he has worked for the Illinois and Chesapeake conferences, pastoring a total of six churches. In 2009/2010, Pastor Holland was the Chicagoland Evangelism Coordinator for the Illinois Conference, coordinating over 34 evangelistic meetings which resulted in more than 500 baptisms. Chris has been involved in media ministry since his early undergraduate years in college where he was involved with both television and radio programs.


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