Revelation’s Ancient Discoveries 3

Learn the details of God’s final judgment – when and where does it occur. Learn the truth about God’s law and judgment. Discover Revelation’s eternal sign in earth’s last conflict. Discover history’s greatest hoax identified in the book of Revelation.

– Taught by Pastor Mark Finley

The biblical truth about God’s law and judgment has been disappearing among Christians in recent years. Believers don’t want to talk about it much. Many don’t want to think about it at all. And part of the reason we’re struggling to protect our families is that we’ve turned away from God’s law for so long. We only want to talk about the gospel not realizing how judgment and law are part of the gospel. The whole point of Christ dying on the cross was to “justify” us in the judgment, to justify us before God’s law.

In this course you will:

  • Learn about God’s final judgment described in the book of Revelation
  • Understand why the final judgment is the most important one of all
  • Learn when and where the final judgment occurs
  • Discover the standard used in the final judgment to determine guilt or innocence
  • Discover the link between the prophecies in the book of Daniel and John’s visions in the book of Revelation
  • Discover Revelation’s answer for society’s crumbling values
  • Discover Revelation’s eternal sign in earth’s last conflict
  • Learn how to identify Satan’s greatest deceptive and counterfeit religious doctrines and symbols
  • Discover, in the book of Revelation, history’s greatest hoax

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In addition to Pastor Finley’s video presentation, each lesson has a study guide, which you can download and read offline. At the conclusion of each lesson you are also required to take a short-quiz to test your understanding of the material presented. If you pass each quiz with a score of 70% or higher, a digital certificate of completion will be awarded upon finishing the course.


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