Jesus and Social Justice
By Mark Finley

Did Jesus teach social justice? Discover what the Bible says about Jesus’ approach to the social issues of His time on earth. Learn from Pastor Finley’s responses to questions, from the attendees, related to Seventh-day Adventists’ participation in/support for various social movements of our times.

– Taught by Pastor Mark Finley

Many social justice advocates believe the Church has abandoned the cause of justice. Many in the Church believe that social justice has abandoned the Church. In this course, Pastor Mark Finley searches the Bible for information on Jesus and Social Justice”. He searches the Scriptures for answers on social challenges, for example, poverty, race, and other ills facing our society.

In this course you will:

  • Learn from Jesus’ approach to dealing with the social issues he encountered during His earthly ministry
  • Learn what the Bible has to say about the myth that the black race originated from Ham, a son of Noah, whose black skin was the punishment from Noah’s curse on him
  • Understand how your local church/congregation can address social issues through outreach programs like, establishing a food bank, conducting health expos, etc.
  • Gain valuable insight and information from Pastor Finley’s responses to questions from attendees to the live session, for example, questions about social movements like Black Lives Matter and others.

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 5 reviews
 by Mestry

Thank you Pastor Finley and thank you Team Hope.

 by A. Lawrence

Thanks for a powerful presentation. We truly should use Jesus method to minister to others.

 by Kristen

Thank you . Very informative and biblically grounded.

 by Terence H.

A truly inspiring and timely presentation.

 by J. Bishop

Working in Southeast Asia I found that social justice was the key to evangelism.