5 Things to Consider When Selecting a Bible

Discover the importance of selecting a Bible version. Discover the history of the Bible’s path from Hebrew (Old Testament) and Greek (New Testament) manuscripts to English. Review the various Bible versions to discover why there are so many and understand their differences. Learn five (5) things to consider when selecting a Bible version.

– Taught by Chris Sealey

You go to your local bookstore or check online for a free version of the Bible, and you’re faced with hundreds of choices. You feel overwhelmed. Who knew there were so many versions of the Bible? How do you choose a Bible? What’s the difference between all these translations? Why are there so many? Does it matter which Bible version I use?

In this course, Chris Sealey answered those questions and traced the history of the Bible from its original manuscripts, Hebrew (Old Testament) and Greek (New Testament), to English. Get a copy of the presenter’s PowerPoint slides!

In this course, you will:

  • Discover the importance of selecting a Bible version
  • Trace the history of the Bible’s path to English from its original manuscripts
  • Discover how the prophecies in the book of Daniel provided a roadmap for the Bible’s path to English
  • Understand why there are so many English versions
  • Learn five (5) things to consider when selecting/purchasing a Bible
  • Learn what are the Apocrypha books and why they are not in the Bible
  • Learn the various translation techniques and how they resulted in so many English versions of the Bible
  • Learn the translation techniques used in popular versions of the Bible, for example, King James, New King James, New International Version, Amplified Bible, Clear Word, Message Bible, etc.
  • Learn important differences between a translation of the Bible and a paraphrase of the Bible
  • Discover important differences in several Scripture verses from a comparison of Bible translations/versions
  • Discover which Bible translation/version omits key passages of Scripture

Click here to get a copy of the presenter’s PowerPoint slides.


Christopher N. Sealey is a Christian writer who speaks and a Christian speaker who writes. He is a dynamic speaker and has a wonderful ability to inform and inspire audiences toward increased levels of commitment to stewardship and other Christian principles. His ministry has resulted in bringing others to accept Christ as Lord and Savior, and many more to establish a deeper relationship with Christ.

Over the years, he has allowed the Lord to use him in service in several different areas of ministry, some of which include: Head Treasurer, Finance Committee chairman, stewardship leader, and ordained elder. He serves as the Dean of Academic Programs for HopeLives365 Online University.

God used him as the stewardship leader to motivate, admonish, and encourage the members of the many congregations to a renewed commitment to all aspects of stewardship, including sustained double-digit year over year growth in tithing and freewill offering. Here is what one of his former pastors had to say about his ministry in the Lord:“The content, in his books, is not only about the philosophy of stewardship. It explains time tested strategies, methods, and principles Chris employed as a treasurer, finance committee chair, church board member, elder, and disciple in the church of God.” – Dr. Neil Reid, Ministerial Director, Georgia-Cumberland Seventh-day Adventist Conference

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