The Wonders of Egypt
By Dr. Mark Finley and Dr. Michael G. Hasel


The discoveries of the ancient past help to confirm the truthfulness and authenticity of the Bible, Archaeology does not prove the Bible is true. It does provide additional information outside the record of scripture that reinforces the biblical narrative. The past informs the present. The Wonders of Egypt is the first of five courses in The Discoveries of a Lifetime series taught by Dr. Mark Finley and Dr. Michael G. Hasel.

In this study of Biblical Archaeology, you will:

  • Learn about Egypt, its fantastic priceless treasures, awesome monuments, ancient temples, and its culture
  • Learn the fascinating connections between the Bible and Egyptian culture, for ex. the story of Joseph, the Ishmaelites and their trade practices, the birth of Moses, the Hittites, who are mentioned 28 times in the Bible and much more
  • Discover the mathematical precision of the Pyramids at Giza
  • Learn how the pyramids were built
  • Discover the most fascinating discovery in all of Egypt – King Tutankhamen's Tomb
  • Discover the amazing secrets of the desert, like the Rosetta stone
  • Receive the lecture and the notes from Dr. Finley and Dr. Hasel
  • And much more …

What is Biblical Archaeology?
The name refers to a special focus of archaeology within a certain location at a certain point in time. The fact that it’s Biblical Archaeology means that excavations are typically limited to areas mentioned in the Bible; places such as modern-day Israel, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, etc. The time period includes, but is not limited to, 1,400 BCE (late Bronze Age) through the first century BCE. The aim of Biblical Archaeology is to find physical evidence that would shed light on people, places, events, and customs described in the Bible. (Reference: Ashley Echard, contributing writer for Christian Broadcasting Network)


The Wonders of Egypt

Explore some of the mysteries of Egypt, this ancient land, uncovered through Archaeology. Learn the fascinating connections between the Bible and Egyptian culture.
– Taught by Dr. Mark Finley and Dr. Michael G. Hasel