Winsome Witnessing by Mark Finley


FREE: July 28, 2019, Webinar Replay

Winsome Witnessing by Mark Finley


FREE July 28, 2019, Webinar Replay!

Winsome Witnessing by Mark Finley

In this course you will:

  • Learn how to become a successful witness for Christ
  • How to ignite your desire for witnessing
  • Discover four (4) steps in being an effective witness for Christ
  • Learn three (3) keys to sharing personal testimonies in a powerful and compelling manner
  • Learn tips on how to establish and agree on Bible study times with your Bible study interests
  • Discover Jesus’ witnessing techniques, a proven approach to give interesting Bible studies
  • Discover tips on witnessing to family and close friends
  • Learn how to witness to Orthodox believers
  • Learn as a pastor, or lay leader, how to motivate other leaders in your church to do witnessing and community outreach
  • Learn how to identify opportunities for witnessing as God opens doors for you
  • Discover techniques to overcome stereotypical and other barriers to establishing rapport with closed groups
  • Discover resources, some FREE, you can use for witnessing to others

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