Unsealing Daniel’s Mysteries – 3
By Mark Finley


This final course in the series expands on the knowledge gained by the student in Unsealing Daniel Mysteries-1 and Unsealing Daniel Mysteries-2 while  integrating the video content from the very popular and highly acclaimed Unsealing Daniel’s Mysteries DVD series with online quizzes designed to reinforce important historical concepts and spiritual principles. The 2300 Day Prophecy is the longest time prophecy recorded in all of Scriptures and Pastor Finley includes a bonus lesson entirely devoted to that topic – complete with its own quiz.

Unsealing Daniel’s Mysteries 2 covers Daniel chapters 9-12 and includes video content from the Unsealing Daniel’s Mysteries DVD series. The following are the lessons in this course:

  • Daniel 9 – Always on Time
  • 2300 Day Prophecy (bonus lesson)
  • Daniel 10 – Without a Doubt
  • Daniel 11 – Still in His Hands
  • Daniel 12 – The End and a New Beginning