Natural Lifestyle Cooking 2 by Teenie Finley


Natural Lifestyle Cooking – Part 2 by Teenie Finley, you will learn:

You will learn:

  • The value of simple suppers in maintaining health and in controlling your weight
  • The importance of regular mealtimes with your family
  • Tips for making family mealtime enjoyable
  • Healthy simple supper options
  • How to prepare delicious, healthy and satisfying foods for holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.), birthdays and other special occasions
  • The best nuts for health
  • The harmful effects of excessive sugar consumption and tips to control sugar intake
  • How to boost your immune system
  • How to avoid the common sources of hidden sugar and controlling Type 2 diabetes
  • How to prepare simple, healthful desserts
  • How to create the Natural Lifestyle Cooking grocery list
  • EXTRA BONUS MATERIALS – Teenie’s Healthful Tips, and much more …

Ernestine (Teenie) Finley presents over three (3) Hours of riveting, home-style cooking and healthful video information!
FREE delicious, easy-to-make recipes, included with the lessons and also available for immediate download!


Natural Lifestyle Cooking – Part 2 by Teenie Finley