Light Your World For God – Part 3




Have you ever wondered why many churches have little interest in witnessing? Have you ever asked, “Is there something our church can do to make a difference for the King­dom of God in our community? How can we have a real breakthrough in outreach?”

This course provides the answers to those and many other questions by providing you with instructional and inspirational material on the following:

    • How to organize and implement the highly effective and popular Soup and Salvation Bible study program
    • Starting a Prayer Ministry
    • Starting a Visitation Ministry
    • Starting a Literature Evangelism Ministry
    • Starting an in-home Bible Study program
    • How to effectively deal with objections raised during Bible study
    • The Four (4) Steps people take in making decisions and how to guide your Bible interests through those steps
    • Learn how to reap a harvest from your Bible study work and ministry
    • The F-F-F principle to effectively answer objections
    • The three simple principles, ABC’s, of successful Bible work
    • And much more …
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