HopeLives365 Online University’s Comp. Bal. Literacy Digital Badge Unlock


This fee is for the setup and configuration of a HopeLives365 Online University’s Components of Balanced Literacy With Strategies for Pathways 2.0 – Digital Certification Badge.


This fee is for the setup and configuration of HopeLives365 Online University’s Fulfilling God’s End-Time Mission Digital Badge.

HopeLives365 Online University has partnered with Badgr, a leading digital credential service provider to educational institutions, to implement this exciting new program offering digital badges to learners who successfully complete a set of criteria based on specific learning objectives/outcomes. A digital badge has three (3) very appealing characteristics for our students:

  1. It is shareable. Recipients can share their accomplishments on their social media accounts, for example, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  2. It is verifiable. A pastor, elders, and others in leadership at the local church can easily verify the badge for its authenticity (e.g. the issuer is HopeLives365 Online University) and the criteria that were achieved (e.g. the student successfully completed all of the Search for Certainty Bible study lessons with above-average assessment scores). Things you can verify and explore in a badge:
      • Details about the organization issuing the badge
      • What the individual has done to earn the badge
      • The criteria that the badge has been assessed against
      • That the badge was issued to the expected recipient
      • The badge earner’s unique evidence (optionally included)
      • When the badge was issued and whether it has expired
  3. It is secure. A digital badge can’t be faked or duplicated. It’s unique to the recipient.