In the Footsteps of Jesus
By Dr. Mark Finley and Dr. Michael G. Hasel


Fantastic finds in the Middle East have stimulated a greater interest in the lands of the Bible. Archaeology does not prove the Bible is inspired, but it does present evidence for seeking minds that confirms its authenticity. In the Footsteps of Jesus is the fourth of five courses in The Discoveries of a Lifetime series taught by Dr. Mark Finley and Dr. Michael G. Hasel.

In this study of Biblical Archaeology, you will:

  • Discover historical facts about the city of Jerusalem, whose name means “City of Peace”
  • Learn how prophecy, history, and archaeology attest to the true identity of Jesus
  • Learn the Bible’s formula for peace in the Middle East
  • Learn how to debunk the four (4) myths of the DaVinci code
  • Understand why some scholars refer to Jerusalem as the spiritual home of all humanity
  • Receive the lecture and the notes from Dr. Finley and Dr. Hasel
  • And much more …

What is Biblical Archaeology?
The name refers to a special focus of archaeology within a certain location at a certain point in time. The fact that it’s Biblical Archaeology means that excavations are typically limited to areas mentioned in the Bible; places such as modern-day Israel, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, etc. The time period includes, but is not limited to, 1,400 BCE (late Bronze Age) through the first century BCE. The aim of Biblical Archaeology is to find physical evidence that would shed light on people, places, events, and customs described in the Bible. (Reference: Ashley Echard, contributing writer for Christian Broadcasting Network)


In The Footsteps Of Jesus
Explore the city of Jerusalem, in the footsteps of Jesus, through the lens of archaeological discoveries. Learn how to bebunk the four (4) myths of the DaVinci Code.
– Taught by Dr. Mark Finley and Dr. Michael G. Hasel