This course integrates the video content from the very popular and highly acclaimed Unsealing Daniel’s Mysteries DVD series with online quizzes designed to reinforce important historical concepts and spiritual principles.


Unsealing Daniel’s Mysteries 1 covers Daniel chapters 1-4 and includes video content from the Unsealing Daniel’s Mysteries DVD series.. The following are the lessons in this course:

  • Daniel 1 – Prophetic Symbols Revealed
  • Daniel 2 – The Psychics vs. the Prophet
  • Daniel 3 – Defying the Death Decree
  • Daniel 4 – The Impossible Deliverance

Over four and a half (4.5) Hours of Insightful and Intense Teaching from Pastor Mark Finley Combined with Online Quizzes in this Course!

As you study these lessons, you will:

  • Discover the secrets of a deeper prayer life.
  • Experience a new sense of God’s power in your own life.
  • Develop the spiritual strength to resist temptation.
  • Learn of earth-shaking events soon to burst upon the world as an overwhelming surprise.
  • Find the keys to understanding truth for our times.


The Book of Daniel is divided into two parts:

  • Part 1: Chapters 1-6 contain stories, with the exception of Chapter 2, which contains prophecy. These stories, the How, build faith, courage and hope in its readers.
  • Part 2: Chapters 7-12 contain prophecies, the When, which predict the rise and fall of nations and end time events.

Pastor Mark Finley has deeply studied the Bible prophecies of the book of Daniel for over 30 years and has taught hundreds of seminars on Bible prophecy all across the globe. In this course, Pastor Finley uses a combination of riveting video presentations, personal experiences and Question and Answer study guides to do an in-depth, chapter by chapter review of Daniel chapters 1-6.  You will learn how to unravel complex prophecies and simple biblical principles for everyday life.