Welcome to your APEST Assessment Inventory.


The APEST material originated in the writings of Paul. The APEST assessment is a profiling instrument designed to assist you in finding your ministry style in relation to the philosophy of the fivefold ministry of Ephesians 4 (Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Shepherds, Teachers). Click on each image for a brief description.



Connected to the Mission of God. Initiates new ministries and protects the missional DNA of the church. They have a burden for expansion and focus on multiplication rather than addition.


Connected to the Heart of God. Their hearts break with what breaks God's heart. Lead reforms, challenges the church to have compassion for community needs. 


Connected to the Message of God. Persuade people to follow Jesus, recruit and gather people. Share the Gospel naturally and spend more time with people who do not know Jesus. 


Connected to the People of God. Nurtures and develops relationships. They are concerned with people over projects, and value transformational relationships. Create an atmosphere of hospitality.


Connected to the Truth of God. Makes biblical truths clear, showing the connection between theology and practice. They have a depth of understanding of the mysteries of God. Trains others and teaches them to follow the ways of God.

Click NEXT to begin your APEST inventory assessment. Read through the statements and decide as honestly as you can whether they apply to you often, sometimes or rarely and check the appropriate box. Do not linger on each item as your first thought is likely to represent the most accurate response. At the conclusion of the questionnaire, please enter your name and a valid email address so we can send you a copy of your results.