Ernestine “Teenie” Finely has conducted cooking schools for more than forty years, demonstrated thousands of vegetarian dishes, and inspired audiences around the world with her practical, down-to-earth teaching style.

She has the unique ability to make plant-based healthful dishes taste delicious and motivate attendees at Natural Lifestyle Cooking schools and classes to prepare tasty, healthy dishes for their families. She has converted her material to a two-part online course series, which is an accumulation of many of the recipes that have been taste-tested in her classes, by TV audiences, and in the Finley’s family kitchen.

Teenie completed her first marathon at the age of 70, placing third in her age group and raising tens of thousands of dollars for an evangelism center that she and her husband built in Haymarket, Virginia. She decided to run her first marathon after reading an article in the Adventist Review about an 82-year-old man who had completed 237 marathons since the age of 62.

Her courses can be found in the following categories: Evangelism, Health, and Leadership.